Daias Complex 1

A new luxury residence will be built in the heart of Daias village, located in the outskirts of Tirana city. The new residence will be located only 15 minutes from the city centre and will occupy a space of 10.900m2. The residence will be comprised of 11 modern villas, designed and conceptualized based on the latest architectural and interior design trends.
The residence will provide the unique opportunity of living in the heart of a natural oasis, in fresh air and far away from city’s smog and noises. A great choice of a high quality life! The residents will experience the quality of suburban living, inside a village located a few kilometers from the city. The daily life in this residence will offer tranquility, peace of mind, natural views from all the villa’s sides. It will offer participation in a selected community of people who have chosen to invest for the quality of their lives.
Each villa will have at least 3 dorm rooms and 3 bathrooms, a huge living room in front of the villa’s front yard and home office where you can work near the fireplace. The villas will also have underground winery for wine collectors and lovers, as well as a dedicated space for fitness.